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December 30, 2010
SCARLET WATERS III: FATHOM now available for purchase

SCARLET WATERS III: FATHOM poster and DVD coverTwitchy Dolphin's third annual SCARLET WATERS collection of short horror flicks, is now available to buy on our Web store; and we're keeping the price at just $10.00! The aptly titled FATHOM drags you to the depths of suffocating worlds that relentlessly collapse on their inhabitants and breed hopelessness, anger, and psychosis.
  • LILITH'S DAUGHTERS - James Christopher wrote and directed this film-noir inspired tale about two women, one a career detective, the other a career prostitute, who happen to cross paths on the day both of them have just had enough.

  • WEDDING NIGHT - Debra Blaine makes her directorial debut with a James Christopher story of a young couple on their first night of marriage who find the choices they have made can come back to haunt them.

  • POLTERZEITGEIST - Spirits and ghosts usually torment newcomers that invade their space; but this comedy written and directed by William Cooper turns the table in a hilarious story of a haunted house being taken advantage of by its new owners.

  • POJACK85 - Posting video blogs under the name 'pojack85', a quiet loner desperately seeks answers about the endless harassment he has been suffering and who, or what, he just captured in his backyard. Written and directed by Chris Copple, it is the tale of a man's slow slide into insanity.